The Economy

Rhonda's goal is to get Nevada working, and thriving again.  This will happen when we support our local businesses, and engage them when it comes to maintaining a diverse business community, and attracting new business to Nevada. This is the solution to healing the Nevada economy for the long-term.

The best way to attract and grow business is to keep taxes low, provide a qualified workforce, and limit regulations. Rhonda knows that this is the way to make Nevada a business friendly environment.

Thriving companies provide a boost through employment and spending. Reaching full employment means more spending which is how the cycle of prosperity continues. This means a boost for everyone and are principles that Rhonda will fight for in Carson City.

Public Safety

As a wife, mother, and concerned citizen, public safety is of utmost importance and will Rhonda's first priority as an elected official.


Having worked within the criminal justice and law enforcement systems, she has witnessed firsthand the challenges our officers face today due to mental health, homelessness, and opioid abuse.

Rhonda will always fully back the men, women, sons, and daughters, who are putting their lives on the line for the good of our community everyday and will never vote to defund them. 

Rhonda also supports the second amendment and will oppose restrictions on our gun rights. Her commitment to defend his right is absolute.


Education is the great equalizer; we need to be resolute in giving our students the best foundation for their, and Nevada's future.

Rhonda's children went to school here in Nevada and because of this, she supports parental choice, homeschooling, and charter schools. We are now 49th in the nation and unfortunately a one-size-fits-all system clearly does not exist. Rhonda feels our children deserve so much better. 

Providing great educators with the necessary classroom resources is what leads to students being prepared to enter a skilled workforce and pursue college. This is essential to attract economic development. All of this starts with improving education from the ground up and protecting parental rights when it comes to education.
Government Transparency

Rhonda believes that government was founded by and for the people, and therefore transparency among our elected officials is essential when it comes to representation

As someone who has worked with local government budgets, records, and processes for over two decades, Rhonda has the education and experience to know firsthand how they work.


She is committed to asking the questions that haven't been asked, working toward clarity in reporting, making sure that every dollar is based on need and not a prior budget. Rhonda will always fight to ensure that every part of government is as transparent as possible. 

Rhonda on the Issues